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Hayley's books are open!

Hello world. I’m baaaaaaaack! *I AM BOOKING FOR some spots in DECEMBER, JANUARY and FEBRUARY NOW * Apply on line thru the shops email. READ BELOW! Because of this influx in my clientele, which I am so very grateful for I have to work a bit differently. Here are some things to note before emailing the shop for a consult. You will be filling out a submission form thru ********This application more or less is simple information including subject matter, style,size, as well as placement and color/black and grey. When submitting please be aware that I am taking on this process so that I can begin to create more custom work that is along the lines of the art I enjoy creating. So. If your submission form is denied by me (in which case you will receive a better fit referral for your piece) THIS DOESN’T mean that I think your idea isn’t good. It is solely because it doesn’t match up with what I am wanting to do anymore. Some important things: I will not be taking on any full sleeves (meaning actually full arm sleeves) *this is just for the time being until I get into the groove of this new brain operation. No lettering inside of imagery. Ex: tree with daughters name forming in the roots. I don’t do watercolor (however we have an amazing artist right here at thistle that does a stellar job) I will not be taking on tattooes that I am completely burnt out on doing Ex. Infinity knots, small mountain ranges, triangle with flower and so forth. Long list short the tattoos that pop up on the first page of Pinterest . NO American Tribal (like ever) I will not do sugar skulls unless that is your heritage. Etc..... This whole process will hopefully make it easier for to find my happy spot/ hone in on my style in the industry. Thanks yins!

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