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Thistle & Pearl Aftercare Instructions:

Following proper after care instructions are KEY to the integrity of your tattoo. NEVER PICK at your tattoo and NEVER touch your tattoo with unwashed hands. NEVER SOAK your healing tattoo.  Showers are fine but avoid directly hitting the tattooed area. AVOID sunlight on the tattooed area while it is healing. The sun is the single most powerful destroyer of tattoos.


1. Leave bandage on for only 2 to 4 hours. All wounds need to breathe in order to heal properly.

2. Before removing the bandage and any other time you come in contact with your tattoo, thoroughly wash your hands.

3. Take off the bandage and discard it. Do not rewrap!

4. Splash warm water on tattoo and remove all traces of blood, as this will cause scabbing.

5. Lather either Dr. Bronner’s (castille soap), Cetaphil, or any mild unscented soap in your hands and GENTLY rub the suds on the tattoo. Use hands to rinse with hot water.

Hot Compress for FIRST DAY of washing:


1. Fold several paper towels into squares and soak in a bowl of clean, HOT water (as hot as you can stand).  Take one towel, ring out the excess water, make a compress by placing the paper towel on your tattoo, holding it there for a few seconds, and then discard. Repeat this several times. This draws out plasma and helps the tattoo heal more efficiently.

2. After all the plasma is gone and skin feels free of debris , RINSE with COLD water (again, using only your hands-not directly under the water). The cold water will help close the pores.

3. PAT DRY (do not rub) your tattoo with a clean, soft, non-abrasive towel.

4. Let your tattoo dry for a minimum of 10 mins before applying ointment (Aquaphor/Vitamin A&D/Coconut Oil). After your tattoo is completely dry, apply a THIN LAYER of ointment.  After the first three days you may switch to an unscented lotion/moisturizer such as Lubriderm or Aveeno, or stick to using Coconut Oil.

Call with any questions 828-424-7880

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