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Becka Schoedel

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Art has always been my biggest passion in life; as soon as I was able to grip a pencil I became aware of this fact. Since then I've grown to love and experiment with several mediums which eventually led me to an interest in skin. After graduation in 2009 from Magic City Campus in Minot, North Dakota I moved to New York briefly to study art education and build up my portfolio before returning in the fall of 2011. Later that following February I was overjoyed to find that I had been accepted as an artist at a local shop under the teachings of Ellie and Aaron Maher. After gaining my foundation through them I was accepted as an artist here in Asheville. Here I strive everyday to improve my skills and leave my clients with a satisfying experience. I particularly enjoy tattooing nature-based concepts, contemporary pieces and painterly designs; especially if they're a little weird.  

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