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Hello! Thank you so much for your request to book a tattoo with me. :) 


A quick note:


The demand for tattoos done by me has far exceeded what I can physically produce :/ Therefore, because of the limited space in my calendar, I have chosen to focus my attention on the projects that currently speak the most to me and spark creative growth on my part. 


I apologize in advance to any of you who  submit a request and don't get in. If I decline to take on your tattoo request, it is absolutely nothing personal and doesn’t mean I don’t like your idea or mean think that I think it isn’t good. In such case, I will happily steer you in the right direction to an artist who I feel would be best suited to meet your needs.


The project ideas that currently inspire me most are those with fewer restrictions on design and body placement. I don’t mean letting me go buck wild on your body and start tattooing your face or making the design 10x larger than intended or anything... I just mean that my years of tattooing and working with bodies of all shapes and colors has provided me with what I feel is the insight necessary to know what placement works best, which pigments best compliment the tones of the skin and what overall shape would best suit YOUR body. 


Also, I love anything Art Nouveau related (always have, always will). Anything with line “movement”, botanical/nature related, thematically inspiring or whimsical (Mucha-inspired Patrick Swayze riding a dragon? Anyone? Anyone?). I love working with color (though black line work and “pen and ink” style line work also speak to me). If I haven’t mentioned anything sounding like what you’d like, please submit your request anyway! I certainly haven’t listed everything that I would be interested in taking on...


I DO NOT do: 


-Other people’s artwork-without explicit permission from the artist (which must be obtained by the client). This includes replicating existing tattoos, so please do not send pictures of another person’s tattoo that you would like done exactly the same. 


-Tribal, Polynesian, New School, Portaits, Gore, Horror, anything inspiring hate


If you have a request for a cover up, flexibility on part of the client is absolutely crucial. Not everything works as a cover up and some requests can be like trying to fit an elephant through the eye of a needle. Gotta be flexible here, folks. I’ll tell you what I’m willing to do and if it doesn’t line up with what you’d like, I highly encourage you to ask other artists to see if you find someone who might. There are some things I will do that other artists won’t and vice versa.



To submit a tattoo request, please answer the following questions in an email: 


1. What are the basic elements of your design idea? (Do you want a scene in outer space, flowers, sea creatures, etc.?)




2. Where on the body would you like it? 




3. What is the approx size of the tattoo in inches or other relative terms such as “the size of an Oreo” or “the length of a pencil and width of a soda can”.




4. What pigments are you wanting to use? For instance: Color, black and grey, black lines only, red lines only, etc. 




5. What is your inspiration for getting this tattoo, if any (doesn’t have to have sentimental or emotional significance. “For aesthetic purposes” is totally fine!)?




6. What is your availability? I’m a parent so I work very limited evening and weekend hours. Just a heads up, I do work Sundays but if Sunday is your only available day, it could likely put your appointment further out as it is my most coveted shift. 




7. Any other details you’d like me to know? 




Please feel free to send reference photos. I do custom work almost exclusively and reference photos help me get inside your head a little better. These can be examples of the image you want, styles you like, color schemes, placement, etc. 


Thank you again for your request! It is my top priority to ensure that you have the best tattoo for YOU. The fact that you have chosen me as your artist is a tremendous honor and I do not take it for granted. 




Much love, 


BB June

Please copy your questions, answers, & thoughts into the contact form below. You can attach photos for inspiration too.

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