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Becka has Opened the Books!

"I’d like to focus on small projects during this time. I consider a small project anything I can finish within 1-3 sessions. I will not be accepting any more sleeves, half sleeves, back-pieces, or any other considerably long projects for the foreseeable future. Of course if you’re a client of mine with a large project still in the works you can disregard this message- You fine. I also plan to be more selective about the types of designs I take on. I’d recommend sending a descriptive email along with some photo references through our contact form before trying to book your consult. If it’s a design I feel is better suited for another artist in town I may suggest them. Asheville is full of em’ and they’re wonderful. This is a learning process that may change over the next few months until I figure out a system that seems to work the best for the both of us. Thanks everyone!"



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