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Currently, there are no FDA requirements or specifications for tattoo ink to ensure that the ink being used in tattoos is safe and non-toxic. The FDA also does not require ingredient disclosure on the inks as they are considered proprietary (trade secrets). This, unfortunately, means that tattoo ink may contain any chemical, including those known to be mutagenic (capable of causing mutations), teratogenic (capable of causing birth defects), and carcinogenic (capable of causing cancer), or involved in other biochemical reactions in the body that might take decades to appear.  

, themselves, to provide ingredients , longevity, brightness, and color variety.  We use 100% cruelty free, vegan ink consisting of non-toxic, sterile, organic pigments and non-toxic carrying agents.  The colors are rated as the brightest in the industry with a wide range of color choices to meet the aesthetic quality of your tattoo.  




What makes tattoo ink non-vegan?

  • Black inks often contain bone char, which is the soot from burned animal bones.

  • Animal fat (glycerin) is a common ink stabilizer and/or carrying agent.

  • Gelatin (hooves) and shellac (beetles) are used as binding agents in many tattoo inks.









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