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Born and raised in the beautiful Asheville North Carolina.  In 2009 Hayley began a career in tattooing, while continuing to develop and pursue her interest in other fine art mediums such as painting, and mixed media collage. You can see quite a bit of variety as Hayley is always challenging herself to try something new and learn from her unique experience.

She is humble in knowing that she couldn't do any of this with out the trust she has established within her clientele. She stands behind the fact that tattooing chose her and not the other way around. When she isn't tattooing she delves into the art world with a dramatic abstract view as her vision, to no less break the "rules" of strict tattoo design and application for just those moments and create paintings that encompass ideology and infinite possibility. 

In general her Tattoo style is intricate and always has something to say.

She loves brainstorming with her clients to help pull there creative process to the surface to better her understanding of them as an individual and in the end, the tattoo itself and the integrity is will hold over time. Take in the creative statement of this open minded tattoo artist who never stops pushing to be the best she can be.

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